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Achieve Long-Term Profits With The Portfolio Approach to Betting

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There are many advantages of placing a collection of different betting systems into a portfolio. In this article we`ll look at three essential elements you should consider.

Limited number of selections

Really profitable betting systems often only identify a limited number of selections each season. This lack of action frustrates most punters because they have to wait days or even weeks in between bets. The key here is to place a number of these systems together in a portfolio to provide you with a realistic amount of bets each month. This proven laying system will make a great addition to any portfolio.

The One size fits all approach is flawed

Punters who only use one horse racing system are unlikely to succeed long-term because racing is a multi-faceted sport with different codes and subcategories, each of which should be separated and looked at individually. A one size fits all approach definitely will not do.

Ultimately, this is where using a portfolio of betting systems will provide you with a big advantage, because when one system is under-performing another will be firing in the profits, thus helping to smooth out the losing runs. 

Quicker Bet Placement

Grouping betting systems together in a portfolio can also help to simplify bet placement. Although we do recommend that you use separate betting banks for your backing and laying as this will help you to monitor performance more accurately.

If you want to bet like a professional and make long-term profits you definitely need to take on board the portfolio approach to betting.

What now?

Get together all your betting systems, have a good look through them and assess which could be grouped together. For example you may have systems that work on flat turf racing only and some which target jumps or all-weather racing.

Try to be seasonal in your approach – stick with flat turf racing during the summer months and then focus on jumps racing during the winter months. In effect you will have two main betting portfolios which will each contain several systems for each code of racing.




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