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Bookmakers, Odds Compilers And The betting Market (Part 1:)

December 17, 2012 by  
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Bookmaker or Turf Accountant? Which would you rather be? Actually one is a more up-market name for the other! They both take money offered as bets by those betting on a particular  outcome for an event. Then they pay out to those that were correct in their predictions of that outcome. For any bookmaker to […]

Why You Should Use Portfolio Betting To Spread The Risk

December 12, 2012 by  
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As far as betting is concerned, it’s the performance over the long-term (however you define that it’s always longer than one week!) that’s more important than the inevitable short-term losses. Bet you’ve heard that before – but it’s so true. Punters’ selection methods will always show winning and losing periods on a week-by-week basis. Consequently, […]

Are You An Investor Or A Gambler? Why Some Punters Make A Profit Whilst Others Don’t.

Every punter knows that betting systems and tipster services live or die by the profit or loss they make. However, like any other form of investment there are peaks, troughs, and inevitable losing months which have to be accepted on the road to long-term profit. Unfortunately most punters are totally inexperienced when it comes to […]

How To Calculate Strike Rates and Losing Runs In Betting

August 14, 2012 by  
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The betting methods you follow not only reflect your performance, but also determine  your profits. Therefore, to succeed you must carefully consider losing runs and take positive steps to minimise the impact they can have on your betting bank. Losing runs are the hardest thing for punters to take. Unfortunately they are an inevitable part […]

4 Simple Betting Strategies That Turn a Profit From Small Stakes

Most punters are of the opinion that placing small stakes bets is unprofitable. However, this is completely flawed thinking because there are many different betting strategies you can use to create profitable returns from small wagers, as long as you consider the importance of good money management. The key advantage of small stakes betting is […]

Why paper trading doesn’t engage any worthwhile emotional response?

July 8, 2011 by  
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You maybe wondering why I`m not advising you to paper trade bets. Well, that’s because paper trading doesn’t engage any worthwhile emotional response. Theoretical profits are useless and if you want to start making tangible profits from a successful system sooner rather than later you need to use real money. In order to become a […]

Punters don’t need loads of betting systems, they need a better understanding of their betting habits

Following on from Part 1: “System Addicts vs Action Takers” In the final part of this two part series we will look at why “Action Takers” are more successful with their betting. Action Takers – Take It one step at a time Over the years I have spoken to many experts in the betting field. […]

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