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Help a child

False favourites are active supporters of UNICEF.  Spare a thought for those less fortunate than you. Remember children often don’t have a say in how they live, many millions are victims of war, crime and poverty. If you would like to help those children have a better life please feel free to donate anything you can afford …

Remember small amounts, collectively >  “Make a big difference to the lives of others” Show some humanity

Help Children Lead a better life

Help Children Lead a better life

UNICEF’s global structure

UNICEF’s global activities, policy work and fundraising are coordinated by two international UNICEF offices: one in New York and another in Geneva.

UNICEF also has two specialised offices: the Supply Division, based in Copenhagen, who manage our series of supply centres – so essential in emergencies, such as a natural disaster – and the Innocenti Research Centre in Florence, well-known for its authoritative publications on children.

UNICEF’s global reach

UNICEF delivers programmes in more than 150 less-developed countries around the world, where 88 per cent of our staff are located.

Our global reach allows us to share knowledge across borders, while our local presence means we can deliver assistance where it is needed most. UNICEF is ready to respond rapidly wherever disaster strikes, delivering life-saving help for children.

UNICEF and the CRC

UNICEF is the only organisation specifically named in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a source of expert assistance and advice on which governments can call. We are responsible for holding governments to account for the rights of children.

Our funding

UNICEF relies on voluntary donations to fund our vital work for children and their rights. We receive no funding from the UN budget. UNICEF UK raises funds for these programmes through donations, the sale of cards and gifts, partnerships with companies and special events.

UNICEF UK is a charity registered in England and Wales, No 1072612.

Help Children Lead a better life

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