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Dear Punter
For the next 7 days (19.2.18 to 25.2.18) we will post, OUR TIPPING CLUB LAY selections, absolutely FREE, on THIS PAGE….(Be sure save the link so you can get them)
We use no less than  16 Lay systems to produce these, and that ensures diversity long-term.
The tips will be posted around 12 p.m. during the dates mentioned above.

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Description/Notes Race Time Track No. Horse Potential Odds
(19) IRISH HCP HURDLE LAYS 4.15 Naas 4 Chateauneuf Du Pap 9/2


Description/Notes Race Time Track No. Horse Potential Odds
(14) LAYS 2.45 Newcastle 9 Back To The Thatch 13/2
(14) LAYS 2.45 Newcastle 7 Vinnie Lewis 11/2
(14) LAYS 4.30 Newcastle 8 Acdc 11/4
(21) LAYS 9.15 Wolverhampton 6 De Vegas Kid 5/2


Description/Notes Race Time Track No. Horse to lay… Potential Odds
(16) LAYS 2.10 Lingfield Laytown 5/1
(14) LAYS 4.40 Warwick 5 More Than Luck 9/2
(14) LAYS 4.40 Warwick 8 Talk Of The South 11/4
(16) LAYS 5.45 Wolverhampton 6 Jan Steen 4/1


22/02  Where there are two lays in a race. Use lay liability on Betfair, and set that t0 risk the same amount on each horse. This limits the liability too between 1.3 and 2.3 points, depending on the odds. Effectively you are lay dutching. If you lay the horse for single stakes your exposed to more risk.

Description/Notes Race Time Track No. Horse to lay… Odds
7 LAYS 4.20 Southwell 7 Sharp Operator 11/2
(21) LAYS 8.00 Chelmsford City 4 Shamrokh 5/1
(22) LAYS 1.50 Huntingdon 3 Lubatic 5/1
(22) LAYS 1.50 Huntingdon 2 Red Admirable 6/1
(22) LAYS 2.55 Huntingdon 2 Sir Egbert 100/30
(22) LAYS 3.30 Huntingdon 1 Alberta 5/2
(22) LAYS 3.30 Huntingdon 3 Doitforthevillage 5/2


Description/Notes Race Time Track No. Horse to lay is… Potential Odds
(18)  LAYS 7.45 Kempton 5 Al Hamdany 100/30
(18)  LAYS 7.45 Kempton 8 Cosmeapolitan 4/1
(22)  LAYS 3.00 Ludlow 9 Comber Mill 3/1
(22)  LAYS 3.00 Ludlow 1 Fixed Rate 5/1
(22)  LAYS 5.10 Ludlow 2 War Creation 6/4


4.05  WETHERBY – Along Came Theo – within lay odds range, at 3.55



SYSTEM Race Time Track No. Horse to LAY is…. Potential Odds
(14) LAYS 3.50 Lingfield 7 The Artful Cobbler 7/2
(18) LAYS 7.20 Kempton 2 Paparazzi 15/8
(18) LAYS 7.50 Kempton 3 Jumping Jack 4/1
(18) LAYS 8.20 Kempton 5 Age Of Wisdom 5/1
(18) LAYS 8.20 Kempton 2 Ardamir 5/1
(22) LAYS 2.30 Carlisle 1 Copper West 3/1
(22) LAYS 2.30 Carlisle 9 Dakota Grey 7/2
(22) LAYS 4.05 Carlisle 7 Letemgo 2/1
(22) LAYS 4.05 Carlisle 6 Pinch Of Ginger 9/2
(22) LAYS 2.15 Lingfield 2 Max Do Brazil 9/2


 STAKING ADVICE: On any horse trading over  5.00 – wait until before the off/use the liability function on Betfair bet slip. Where we have given two selections in one  race simply us the liability function and set your stake to reduce any potential loss to just over one point, for example in the 2.30 at CARLISLE above…

Setting your max liability to £10…

COPPER WEST – odds 4.3 stake  £3.03. If it wins you lose – £7.62

DAKOTA GREY – odds 5.2  stake  £2.38. If it wins you lose – £6.97

Anything else wins you win £5.14

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