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The most important place to start when laying horses is to learn the fundamentals about racing. Without the right knowledge, I can guarantee your success will be minor if even existent at all.

This is where a lot of people make mistakes, usually it starts off by purchasing the latest miracle system which promises life changing sums of money for only 10 minute work a day, if only.

Clouded by greed most punters jump in feet first and lose a ton of money within a few weeks. Common sense should tell you "If something sounds to good to be true it is "

Never trust anyone that claims you can't loose money when betting.

The trick is to obtain value on every bet and use a selection system that enables you to win more than you lose, that's the safest way to profit from laying horses.

When looking for betting systems most punters often buy something that appears to be very successful on paper. There is nothing wrong with this, but unfortunately most of these systems are selling like crazy, not because they work...

But because they are over hyped and very heavily promoted, giving the impression that everybody is using them, so they must be successful.

Have you ever noticed that it’s the same people bringing out the same tired, none profitable rubbish. All the sales adds look and sound the same, most use ridiculous clichés enticing you into parting with your hard earned cash, hey and they are all £37.00.

The bottom line is these marketers are making a killing because they monopolize the market with their junk systems. All the testimonials are from the same select group who promote each others products...

Basically taking advantage of very inexperienced punters.

If you haven’t had the best luck when lay betting, it’s probably because you have been using one of these over hyped non profitable systems. By now you may be thinking...

Is there really a way to make consistent profits from laying horses?

The answer is YES, but first you must take a step back and learn everything you need to know about selecting losing horses and how to maximize your profits in a new eBook called


It will teach everything you really need to know about laying horses consistently. No hype or BS just proven quality information to help you choose the right selections every day.

So if you need a blueprint to profit from
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If you have a desire to generate consistent cash from laying horses you must do a lot of research first. You have to learn the ropes and know all about the pitfalls that come along with laying horses on betfair

Most punters dive in and get there betting fingers well and truly burnt. Mainly because they are very inexperienced and take everything too literally when using a laying system. Every one is looking for instant wealth for very little effort...

Any body can pick a loser, doing it consistently is an entirely different matter.

Like anything else in life, if you want to become successful you need to be realistic keep things in perspective and the most important thing of all is to take your time. Nobody is ever going to make a fortune using a 20 page manual containing a few simple STATIC rules. If racing was that easy to profit from nobody would bother going to work.

Forget "MARKETING HYPE" and learn what laying horses is really about.

Learn how to precisely pick out the right horses to lay from a short list of races. Learn which course produce the most losing favourites. Increase your overall knowledge of racing with the long term goal of making consistent profit.

lay betting is not the road to instant wealth. It is far better to concentrate on learning  proven techniques first. Too much attachment to money is the undoing of most punters. Gradually, steadily and planned is the only way...

Start off small, and bet with money you won, not money transferred from your credit card.

The best way to start laying horses is with a small betting bank, and as your experience and confidence grows so will the profits, which will be made up of money you have won and not deposited from your bank account or credit card.

The are big advantages to this approach...

Betting with winnings will allow you to relax more. Using money you have won is far less emotional than betting with money deposited from your bank account. Using a small betting bank has the distinct advantage that if at first you aren’t getting it right the stakes are very manageable. Loses are far easier to deal with emotionally when betting with smaller amounts.

Be patient and you will succeed. At first try to view the whole method as having no money attached to it. This will allow you to solely concentrate on the selection process, which ultimately will make you "far more money £ £" once you are getting it right.

Don’t try to run before you can walk. 

In order for you to become profitable you must concentrate on getting it right first, before you attach big sums of money to your bets.To become proficient and successful at laying horses you need to be  familiar with:

• Race selection
• Statistics
• Odds
• Personal Emotion
• Good record keeping

Does all of this seem overwhelming? The best way to learn everything that you need to know about laying horses consistently is to get a copy of a superb  eBook called ‘False-favourites’. This easy to understand eBook is the blueprint that you need to guide you step by step to success.

It will stop you from making time consuming EXPENSIVE mistakes and help you to become successful when laying horses in your own time!

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Who else is sick and tired of "MARKETING CRAP" like this...

"Only the first 100 people will be get this for the give away price of just 37.00, after that, its going to be more than double.

You Snooze, You Lose… Don’t say you weren't warned…

We should be charging $287... BUT! IF YOU ORDER TODAY
THE PRICE WILL ONLY BE $97, $77! That's a massive 75% off the normal price!

"This system is so good you just cant lose" You too can make 50,000 a year working only 20 minutes a day.

What the hell as any of that crap got to do with racing...absolutely nothing. Its all about extracting tons of money from inexperienced punters and nothing else. Lets be honest how many of you guys have actually purchased a system because of the above statements. Probably loads of you right, I'm not trying to insult you, hey I have been there myself many times and wasted plenty of cash just like you.

These are just a small sample of the worst kind of pressure sales methods around. Don't buy hype, look for a laying system that has been proven, something that is based around sound long-term racing principles that are proven to work, something that will teach you how to avoid all the pitfalls associated with laying horses.

That very system is

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Can you imagine how good it would feel to have a nice steady stream of cash each day, sounds great, doesn’t it?
I'll, let you in on a secret, it is possible. But first you must find a system that will teach you everything you need to know about laying horses. A system that will allow you to make, realistic consistent profits.

False-Favourites is a superb, educational racing resource, combined with two killer laying systems and 2 excellent FREE bonuses. Right now punters just like you are using the system every day to make realistic profits from losing horses.

It can be used on National Hunt, Flat or All Weather Racing, and unlike other systems there are literally dozens of race examples for you to study. This really is a profit plan for life, not one of those useless, overpriced 5 minute miracle methods that just loses money.

The guys form False-Favourites are definitely genuine and trustworthy...

They offer a full 8 week money back guarantee - So you can't loose. And the price? Is, so ridiculously low compared to all the other hyped up lay systems out there. Everything you need to know is on their site, including months of recent results, so get over there RIGHT NOW!

And what's more, unlike other system creators they won't ignore you or fill your inbox with useless spam prompting the latest junk system from one of their partners. NO! Definitely not, False Favourites will send you a regular newsletter containing the most up to date laying tips and strategies to help you increase profits even more.

In fact, just recently they sent out a new system update to all existing members at no extra cost. Furthermore any future updates are totally FREE for life, making the one off payment of only £19.99 an absolutely fantastic investment.

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