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New – Highly Profitable Betting Portfolio Launches Friday 24th June

On Friday 24.6.2011 at 12 pm I will be launching my new betting portfolio (The-Winning-Approach) This fantastic investment opportunity contains dozens of Profitable Backing & Laying Systems and profitable Trainer Profiles. All of these pro betting strategies will enable you to make a steady income from betting on horses, but before I launch…

I would like to give YOU a FREE lay system and share some profitable tips and information about my unique betting Portfolio in…

The Winning-Approach, Pre-launch betting tips series Below you`ll find Tip 4 which is the final part of the series – The Actual Launch date is ==>>Friday 24.6.2011<<== so make a note in your dairy.

“Betting with a Statistical edge “

One of the major mistakes punters make is they bet too often on the wrong kinds of races. Through sheer impatience these guys end up losing regularly. Put simply, they don’t follow any proven plans. Betting this way means you won’t know where to begin and when to stop.

One of the golden rules of professional punters is to only bet in races where they have a statistical edge. This doesn’t mean never placing any bets until success is certain. What it does mean is to wait until positive factors are present before you make a move or place a bet based around limited information or through impatience.

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Jonathan Burgess

Jonathan Burgess is an official Betfair Accredited Trainer and racing columnist for various respected betting industry publications such as: Betting School, The Daily Punt and Betfair’s Education site. He also runs the Profitable – False Favourites Betting Tips Club Which cost just 24 pence a day. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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5 Responses to “New – Highly Profitable Betting Portfolio Launches Friday 24th June”
  1. Paul Whelan says:

    Couldn’t agree more about betting with a statistical edge – one of the cornerstones of my own betting strategies. Hope the launch goes well on Friday. Cheers, Paul

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hi Paul

    The majority of successful methods are based around some kind of statistical analysis – Any other kind of betting should classed as “BLIND BETTING”

    thanks for the good luck wishes

    Cheers Jon

  3. david says:

    hi jon i will be one of the first to buy on friday if it is as good as all the other stuff i bought from you it will be great and educational to boot sure it will sell out straight away

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi David
      Thanks for the positive comments and support

      The manuals have taken 6 months+ to compile and contain some great angles including: backing, laying and trainer trends. There`s definately something in them for everyone who bets on horses.

      Jon Burgess

  4. luke says:

    Hi, is this service still going??

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