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It ONLY Costs 40p a day To Make These Profits (12 winners in 9 days)

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January and February are always difficult times to turn a profit.

There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Severe weather affects the going. Plenty of meetings cancelled because of this
  • Trainers hold back their better horses for the Cheltenham Festival
  • Smaller, less recognized stables can  thrive during this period, but they can be hard to identify


With this in mind we thought we’d share with you an e-mail we sent out to members of the false favourites tipping club

After a up and down period during February, things have begun to fall into place, in the last 9 days – with:

7 winners from the back bets


5 successful lay bets

we hope you were all on?

It ONLY Costs 40p a day To Make These Profits (12 winners in 9 days)

Click here to join our tipping club at a massively reduced price –

UNBELIEVABLY it only cost 0.40 p per day. ( That’s less than the price of a daily newspaper)

Moving on, we hope you are all looking forward to Cheltenham?


TODAY`S BACK BET Selections 04.03.15

5.30 Ling       Youm   Jamil WON @ 7/2 Skidby Mill 3RD
5.45 Kemp       Nouvelle Ere WON@13/8

TODAY`S LAY BET Selections 04.03.15

Todays lays    3.40 Catt  DENY     4.00  LING  PAR  THREE
both successful lays

TODAY`S BACK BET Selections 02.03.15
Selections for today are
3.40 Wolves     Lucky Lodge/Al’s Memory 2nd & 3rd
5.10 Wolves     Matraash won @ 9/4
5.40 Wolves     Subcontinent 2nd

TODAY`S LAY BET Selections 02.03.15

To days lay is 4.30 FAKE SANDY NOW successful lay
4.10 WOLV DIALOUE successful lay

TODAY`S BACK BET Selections 26.02.15

3.35 Newb       Hellorboston
4.20 Donc       Full Day
5.05 Ling       Storm Runner
6.45 Wolves     Cabal
7.15 Wolves     Ferryview Place/  Won @ 3/1 Monsieur Chabal
7.45 Wolves     Dream Child WON @11/10


TODAY`S BACK BET Selections 25.02.15

2.40 Winc       Murrayana won @ 2/1
4.25 Bang       Rascal won@ 11/8
5.15 Kemp       Flamborough Beeze

25.2.15 To days lay is 2.40 WINC CITY SUPREME successful lay

Thank you for your loyal support
kind regards

John Burgess, Jon Sutcliffe and Bob

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Jonathan Burgess is an official Betfair Accredited Trainer and racing columnist for various respected betting industry publications such as: Betting School, The Daily Punt and Betfair's Education site. He also runs the Profitable - False Favourites Betting Tips Club Which cost just 24 pence a day. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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