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How to create your own profitable betting systems (HRB part 2)

In Part 2: of this informative  series of articles about Horse Racing Base – David Peat of shows you how to create your own betting systems using HRB> System Builder. I`m sure you`ll all agree,  if you want to be successful within any field you need to have access to the tools the Pro`s use.  Horse Racing base is an incredible betting tool.

“System Builder is the ultimate, easy-to-use software tool for developing your own profitable betting systems”

Last time we explored how HRB Horse Racing Base could help you with form study.  This  we will look at the System Builder software

So what exactly is the System Builder

The system builder is an invaluable tool for anybody who has an interest in horse racing systems or who wants to find answers to simple queries. It gives you the ability to manipulate information to answer queries, research trends and identify different strengths and weaknesses. The builder may seem a little complex to begin with but I have found that with a little practice even the most complex queries can be answered.

The Systems has a few main functions that I will explain now

QUICKSET function

This is the starting point for anybody trying to create a new system. This area is where you set your definitive values. For example if you want to set a distance you will always get the same drop down menu with values ranging from 5f to 4m4f irrespective of what your other criteria are.

FULLSET function

This gives a full breakdown of any criteria selected.  It is useful for quickly showing which types of any chosen criteria are performing best. For example: In Quickset you have selected M Stoute and favourites – now with the help of Fullset you can select TRACK and get a breakdown as below

Breakdown by race track.

Track Bets Wins WinStrike SP_PL Places PlaceStrike
Ascot 74 20 27% -22.35 44 59%
Chester 37 18 49% 3.99 31 84%
Doncaster 29 12 41% 5.07 17 59%
Goodwood 62 23 37% -3.03 33 53%
Kempton 38 17 45% 0.67 31 82%
Leicester 34 11 32% -11.10 26 76%
Lingfield 51 17 33% -12.17 33 65%
Newbury 64 20 31% -9.51 40 63%
Newmarket (July) 52 11 21% -19.38 25 48%
Newmarket (Rowley) 85 26 31% -17.66 48 56%
Nottingham 36 15 42% -3.22 23 64%
Pontefract 29 11 38% -6.75 17 59%

You then have the ability to sort this information by various categories i.e strike rate, SP profit etc

Digger function

Unlike the Fullset function this gives you the ability to analyse multiple categories.  This gives you the ability to spot horse racing trends and patterns.

Let’s look at an example you may be looking at trainers: N Henderson and P Nicholls and jockeys R Walsh and B Geraghty and you want to see how they do at different tracks, going and odds.  With the digger function you would get the following combinations

  • Henderson/Geraghty – all combinations of Track/Going/Distance
  • Henderson/Walsh – all combinations of Track/Going/Distance
  • Nicholls/Walsh – all combinations of Track/Going/Distance
  • Nicholls/Geraghty – all combinations of Track/Going/Distance

Once you have finished analysing your data – you can then run the query and will be taken to a qualifiers screen (showing their number) if you happy that this is not to large you can move onto the Systems Overview page. On this page you will see the basic breakdown of the system.

You can then look at your system in different ways

  • Statistics – shows winning and losing runs
  • Qualifiers – list all qualifiers from the system
  • Time Line – Shows the performance by year
  • Each Way – Analyse the system if you decided to back each way
  • Stake Plan – allows to set different staking plans

Once you are satisfied that this is a good system then you can save it into one of the 30 available slots that you receive.  You will then be notified in your Systems page of any future runners

Next time I will take you through the other features of HRB including their new features.

HRB is a donation based site with the minimum donation been 7.50 euros per month, this minimum amount gives you access to all areas of the site, there are no hidden charges or upgrades to pay for.

Take a look and see for yourselves – at the moment you can gain access to the site – www.horseracebase.comFREE for 3 days and if you then feel that the site is for you – I have negotiated a deal with HRB offering readers two months for the price of one (all you have to do is enter the promotional code – TRENDY)

David Peat

Jonathan Burgess

Jonathan Burgess is an official Betfair Accredited Trainer and racing columnist for various respected betting industry publications such as: Betting School, The Daily Punt and Betfair’s Education site. He also runs the Profitable – False Favourites Betting Tips Club Which cost just 24 pence a day. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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