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Big Mike Betting – Final Review

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Service: * Betting Advisory Service


Vendor: Mike Marsland FCA

Company: http://www.bigmikebetting.co.uk/

Product Claims: Proven Strategies to Generate Betting Profits

Price: Various membership prices are available from Big Mike`s website.

What You Get?

  • Access to Big Mike’s daily betting advice sent via email http://www.bigmikebetting.co.uk/
  • A daily email column from Big Mike outlining his strategies and betting advice
  • Private Members Resource Area Containing Full Instructions and Explanations
  • A live chat room and forum to converse with other members regarding Mike`s daily advice and other people’s tips and advice.


This service is provided by Mike Marsland FCA; referred to as Big Mike. As you would expect from a former chartered accountant he knows the numbers that matter and his shrewd maths permed bets are the foundation of this betting service. The core aim is to generate low-risk betting profits with lateral thinking and the use of mathematics from a wide range of markets including horse racing, football, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf and darts.

Mike`s unique ‘Strategic Betting’ approach is designed to always minimises the downside by providing members with a set of defensive betting methods and a strategy for safeguarding stakes and protecting profits.

Big Mike`s daily selections cover various sports & techniques, including each way doubles, combination bets and place market bets. Members are advised to only bet what they feel comfortable with, but never more than 5% of any betting bank, be it real or imaginary (each strategy requires a different size betting bank).

There are various types of membership levels available and you’ll be pleased to know that this is a service you really can trust. Mike offers a cast iron money back guarantee, which applies to the first 30 days. Furthermore unlike many other betting advisory services Mike Marsland has an impeccable reputation within the betting industry, however Mike accepts that his service isn’t necessarily everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ and with this in mind I can personally assure you that in the event that you did require a refund all money back guarantee’s will be fully honoured.

A true test of any services worth is the loyalty of its members, after all know one stays with an unprofitable service for long. I have actually contacted Mike personally to find out more and he informed me that many of his members have been with him since he first started his service ten years ago! There are a whole bunch of testimonials on Mikes web site from members expressing how impressed they are with his advice to back this up.

Even better, Big Mike`s service has been independently reviewed by trusted services such as; Secret Betting Club which proves even further that he is a tried and tested source, that is offering very financially rewarding betting and trading advice.

Product Review:

Big Mike sends an email out daily titled his betting column.  Each registered user will receive this directly into their email inbox.  There is also a live chat room that Mike is usually available on during the day, located within the forum of his website.  This part of the service he feels is an essential and says to people that he feels they are not taking full advantage of the service if they don’t visit the chat centre, as this is full of other money hungry punters alike all discussing the bets and current market prices and movements etc.

Mike’s strategy encompasses a portfolio and business like approach to betting, based on lateral thinking and market forces, together with selectively betting in the ‘right kinds’ of punter friendly events with proven and varied mathematical based bets and trades.

==>>click here to visit Bike Mike`s web site<<===

How much you need to invest initially

Big Mike advises investors how much is needed per betting bank for each different bet type, a few examples are listed below:

Double Diamond – original bank of £2,400, Dunlop – original bank of £1,300, Ali Baba – original bank of £800, Buzzer (£800), Hughies (£1000), Bernie (£1200), Rambo (£1200), Combo (£1200), BMB (£1000)

However we are well aware that not everyone will have this kind of money to invest upfront, so don’t let this deter you, as rest assured you can still get involved using lower stakes and still make regular profits from this innovative betting advice.

What return on your investment can you expect?

The return on investment is excellent and we have included a break down of Big Mike’s results below from the date ranges 1st September 2010 until 22nd November 2010:


Double Diamond +£2174

Dunlop +£1588

Ali Baba +£393

Buzzer +£33

Hughies  +£118

Bernie +£467

Rambo +£115

Ringmaster +£6

BMB +£612

Singles +£81

Combos +£909

Total P&L all bets combined +£6496

How Much Time will you need spend implementing this advice /system?

Big Mike’s daily email column contains several profitable betting strategies for any given day.  Time is needed to implement the selection choices in order to fully benefit from the advice and if you are trying to lay via Betfair (in order to limit/risk liability) then being able to check the races/events is needed in order to monitor daily figures and price changes.

What Equipment do you need?

PC with Broadband access. Various online betting accounts (all of which are listed by Big Mike in his new subscriber guide) Mike highlights the importance of having an online account offering BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) which is available with various bookmakers, such as Bet365.  A Betfair account is essential in order to be able to place Mike’s ‘Hughie’s’ (place market bets) and hedge bets in any markets (horse racing/football/rugby/cricket).

Does this product represent Value For Money?

In our opinion this service represents excellent value for the money, with all the extra bonus guides and pro tips. There’s even a members forum which is useful and informative (Big Mike also allows experienced members to submit their tips/advice) A unique part of the service Big Mike offers is the online live ‘Redknapp’ trade.

This is normally during a live televised football match and Big Mike along with a host of other members all watch and trade out of positions, simultaneously locking in profit.  This live bet helps members experience how it feels to trade in and out of positions on Betfair and ‘green up’ as Big Mike likes to put it, which is guaranteeing a profit no matter what the outcome of the event is

After sales Service

Big Mike`s service can be trusted implicitly. Reassuringly he backs this up with a 30 day free trial, which includes 30 day money back guarantee; effectively giving you an opportunity to trail this very profitable service RISK FREE. Furthermore unlike many other betting advisory services Mike Marsland has an impeccable reputation within the betting industry, so I can personally assure you that in the unlikely event you did require a refund all money back guarantee’s will be fully honoured.

I hope you have already taken the hint and signed up, but if you haven’t, I must admit it feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall!  And that hurts! I can only point you in the direction of profit, and gently nudge you, but at the end of the day, you have to take the final step and sign up to Mike’s service.

However all is not lost. With the National Hunt season only just under way(traditionally Mike’s strongest time of the year!), there are still many more months of profit ahead, and it’s high time you cashed in.

So as a valued reader of the false favourites blog we have managed to secure you a fantastic discount on Mike`s Sports Advisory Service.

To get this exclusive offer…YOU MUST follow the 4 simple steps below below…

STEP 1: ==>>click here to visit Bike Mike`s web site<<===


Click on the orange “JOIN NOW” button on the home page


Once on the “Big Mike Enrolment Form Page”  scroll down to “OPTION 3? and click the “JOIN NOW AT HALF PRICE” orange button


Fill in the coupon code box with your preferred discount code, here are the two options…

A) New members visiting the site for the first time can simply use the coupon on the page shown below.

B) People that have already registered as free member,  can also use the codes, but need to go to their members account area, where they will have the option of using the codes below.

For a £10 discount off of our £29 first month half price offer use coupon
code: D5BD305777

For a £10 discount off of our £59 two for one month offer use coupon code:

This fantastic offer means False-Favourites blog readers can now try out this very profitable service  for £19 for 30 days

OR £49 for 60 days.

This is a service you really can trust and Mike offers a cast iron money back guarantee, which applies to the first 30 days, which effectively give`s you an opportunity to trail this very profitable service RISK FREE. Furthermore you`ll be pleased to know Mike Marshland has an impeccable reputation within the betting industry, so I can personally assure you that in the unlikely event you did require a refund all money back gaurantes`s will be fully honoured.

Review compiled by…

Ian Francis

False-Favourites sports columnist

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