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Betsender Betting Bot Review Including FREE 7 Day Trial

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Betsender betting bot  has 19 built-in staking plans to help you place back and lay bets through the betting exchange markets, on Betfair and Betdaq, automaticaly. The bot makes it possible to select races and runners you want to bet on in two clicks ,through it`s very easy-to-use interface.

After you have set up your staking plan and selections the bot will handle all stakes calculations and betting.

Included in Betsender’s 19 backing and 19 laying staking plans are the following:

Backing Staking Plans: Level Stakes, 1326, Fixed Profit, Percentage, Dalembert, Fibonacci, Sqrt, Parlay, Progressive, Pro, Retirement, Secure, Up Down, LP28, Labouchere, Recovery, Martin, Bookies Bank, Kelly’s.

Laying Staking Plans: Level Stakes, 1326, Lay Percentage, Dalembert, Fibonacci, Fixed, Parlay, Progressive, Secure, Sqrt, Up Down, LP28, Labouchere, HiPro86, Recovery, Martin, Maria, Lay 1-4, Kelly’s.

The fee is good value because it includes a licence for two computers. And it includes all future updates.

This product certainly meets our list of minimum requirements of:

  • Good Video/User Guide
  • Test mode
  • Stop loss/target triggers
  • Single/multiple runners
  • Export records

…with much more besides

Here is a summary of some Features and Functions offered:

  • The site offers FIVE comprehensive Video Tutorials
  • Full PDF guide with all instructions
  • Betsender offers simulation mode to test your betting systems with virtual bets
  • Allows you to see and save all your betting results and profits from Betfair
  • Exports bets to Excel (.csv) files
  • Has profit/loss and stop after winner/loser triggers. These can be set as an absolute amount or as a percentage of your betting bank.


  • A BIG PLUS: One license is valid for TWO computers. You could install the bot at home, and at work or on your holiday computer.
  • A BIG PLUS: All future updates for the software are included in the purchase price
  • This fully automatic betting bot works on all Betfair and Betdaq markets
  • It offers 19 backing and 19 laying staking plans
  • Its automatic markets and selections search across all sports events
  • You can load multiple UK, AUS, US races, greyhounds and other markets
  • Offers conditional betting, according to the number of horses, minimum and maximum odds
  • Imports selections from Excel (.csv) files
  • Advanced betting criteria based on the first six favourites’ odds
  • Betting on unnamed favourites (1-6 Favs)
  • The bot can have multiple betting profiles
  • Advanced test feature that allows to run the staking plans against yours or random bets
  • Takes into account your rate of commission (Betfair and Betdaq)
  • Ability to run multiple instances of the software on the same computer
  • Scheduled actions. Restart your staking plan or shutdown your computer when your target profit is reached or after last race.
  • Betting statistics for all staking plans
  • It offers fast access to UK horse racing markets
  • Integrated with top tipsters from the Racing-Index
  • Allows to bet less than the minimum Betfair stake, as small as one penny, but not available for the Betdaq version (Remember our earlier warning, though!)
  • Easy-to-use user interface, connecting you directly to Betfair or Betdaq
  • Run virtually UNLIMITED number of instances with ANY number of Betfair/Betdaq accounts!

Reading about all the features Betsender has to offer will help to give you a clear overview of this fantastic software. However, in order to make an informed decision on whether this betting bot is right for you…Try the generous 7-day free trial that’s available.

Clicking the link above will provide you with the Betsender.exe down load file. Simply click on the saved file button to download a full working version of the software to your computer.

That’s a very sensible trial period because it gives you long enough to make a carefully considered buying decision.

At least 5 tutorial videos on the site will give you a clear understanding of Betsender’s features and functions. To watch those, simply visit the Betsender website and click on the “video tab” on the main navigation bar.

Get a very profitable lay betting system, and a comprehensive guide to jumps racing (worth £40) absolutely FREE  – when you buy Betsender

These exclusive betting books are NOT available anywhere else, and are packed with practical recommendations to help you win money. (See below) for more details of this limited time offer.

Bonus 1: Cash From The Sand Laying System

This micro-niche All Weather laying system is…

  • Easy to follow,
  • Completely FREE!
  • Highly profitable,
  • Low risk

and more importantly…

Makes a level stakes profit which can be improved upon significantly using the included percentage staking plan , which increases profits whilst keeping risk manageable.

Bonus: 2 National Hunt Primer (PDF)

Is a complete guide to National Hunt racing

  • Entire National Hunt racing code explained, from Hurdles to Chases. Contrary to popular belief they aren’t all the same.
  • Complete N/H course guide. Not all courses are the same, some are far easier to negotiate than others. Learn how to profit from profiling a horses course preferences.
  • N/H long term statistics analysed To help you make informed decisions about which races to lay in and which to back in.

To qualify for the bonuses above – follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Take a free 7 day trial of Betsender from here. Once you’re satisfied, click the help link from within your trial version of the software,  then click the “Buy Now” link and purchase Betsender.

Step 2:

Email us your purchase transaction ID (receipt) and we will send all the bonuses to YOU via email within within 24hrs.


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