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Betfair Tutorials

Betfair Tutorials

Learn How To Use The Worlds No 1: Betting Exchange Now 

From this page you’ll find links to over 28 Betfair tutorials and videos.  Our aim is to help you fully understand the dynamics of how the betting markets really work on the world’s largest betting exchange. In essence we`ll be helping you to build solid foundations,  which will enable you to enter the betting markets with confidence. That information is priceless, once you know what to do with it.

What you`ll learn…

Latest Video`s

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  • How to to interpret all the vital market information and get the low down on what really moves the price on steamers and drifters.
  • How to set the Betfair market screen up using the Global settings. These auto functions will help you manage your betting activity more effectively
  • Can you really make risk-free profits trading on horseracing?
  • What Factors make the odds move on Betfair
  • Laying the field -Deadly Effectice Betting Strategy, for low risk profits
  • Why asking for the odds you want is much more profitable and taking what’s on offer on the exchanges
  • Why Betfair`s start price (SP) is better than the majority of industry bookmakers 90% of the time

Click HERE.. to access  28 FREE videos, tutorials and more…

Jonathan Burgess

Jonathan Burgess is an official Betfair Accredited Trainer and racing columnist for various respected betting industry publications such as: Betting School, The Daily Punt and Betfair’s Education site. He also runs the Profitable – False Favourites Betting Tips Club Which cost just 24 pence a day. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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