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Betbotpro review

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BetBotPro Betting exchange software, automatically places Back or Lay bets on Horse & Greyhound races. Features include: trailing & target stoploss, multiple staking plans.

NB: After the 6 months is up you can carry on using your version of the software for as long as you like.

But if you want to continue having access to updates or enhancements then a support subscription can be taken out for a further 6 months for £20.

 Additional options are also available to ensure lifetime updates, licenses for two PCs are as well as a bundle for Betfair and Betdaq versions.

This betting bot meets our list of minimum requirements of:

  • Good Video/User Guide
  • Test mode
  • Stop loss/target triggers
  • Single/multiple runners
  • Export records

…with much more besides

Here is a summary of the softwares`s Features and Functions offered:

  • Introductory video and PDF guide
  • Fully approved Betfair API solution for high performance and reliability, better odds than free API software
  • Run multiple bot instances per PC for multiple strategies.
  • Simulation Mode – Allows you to test strategies, tipsters’ services or your own ideas without risking real money
  • Stop loss & profit target – ensures you limit losses for the day and stops when your profit target has hit
  • Trailing stop feature to protect profits already won.
  • Stop at a number consecutive of losing/winning bets
  • Choose the 1st/2nd/3rd etc. unnamed favourite OR Individual and Multiple selections. Choose multiple favs automatically i.e. 1st and 2nd favourite
  • Export your results as a .CSV file for easy importing into spreadsheet programs


  • Automatically place Back OR Lay bets on UK, IRE, FRA, US, AUS, RSA, NZ, UAE Horse & UK, AUS Greyhound races depending on certain criteria. Win markets, place markets and Starting Price.
  • Min – Max odds range filter – only places bets if within your limits
  • Place bets 1sec – 24hr before the race starts
  • Quick Results – get race results instantly for UK horses, no more waiting  Min – Max number of runners and bets filter
  • Extra Scenarios – bet on 1st fav if 2nd fav < 7.00 odds etc.
  • Multiple staking plans – level stakes, % bank stake, fixed liability, % bank liability, powerful % recovery staking, Fibonacci, Maria staking, target profit, lay 1-4, 2 dutch stakes, accumulator & custom multiplier plus more on the way
  • Greyhound Strategies – bet on trap sequence, last winning trap, last two winning traps, bet on any trap/s on each race.
  • Percentage Back/Lay ratio filter – stops betting if the back/lay spread is too big
  • Unsettled bets allowed filter – stops betting until last x bets have been settled – ideal for accurate staking
  • Strategies – save or reload your different strategies
  • Tipsters can send selections to customers, customers can load selections
  • Adjust final bet by x-ticks up or down to get value or guarantee a match, can be used with Keep unmatched bets in play
  • Scheduler to load races at specific time and run bot, shutdown PC when profit target hit, shutdown PC after last race, reset after profit/loss target hit
  • Timezone selection – display races in your own world time
  • Allow unmatched bets, placed before the off, to go in play
  • Takes just 5-10min to select your daily selections
  • Date log – auto logging allows you to check any previous days action
  • Maximum stake liability option

Not sure?  Take a free 2 day trial of BetBotPro from here.

Get a very profitable lay betting system, and a comprehensive guide to jumps racing (worth £40) absolutely FREE  – when you buy BetBotPro

These exclusive betting books are NOT available anywhere else, and are packed with practical recommendations to help you win money. (See below) for more details of this exclusive offer.

Bonus 1: Cash From The Sand Laying System

This micro-niche All Weather laying system is…

  • Easy to follow,
  • Completely FREE!
  • Highly profitable,
  • Low risk

and more importantly…

Makes a level stakes profit which can be improved upon significantly using the included percentage staking plan , which increases profits whilst keeping risk manageable.

Bonus: 2 National Hunt Primer (PDF)

  • Entire National Hunt racing code explained, from Hurdles to Chases. Contrary to popular belief they aren’t all the same.
  • Complete N/H course guide. Not all courses are the same, some are far easier to negotiate than others. Learn how to profit from profiling a horses course preferences.
  • N/H long term statistics analysed To help you make informed decisions about which races to lay in and which to back in.

Bonus 3: Purchase BetBotPro with the next 48hrs and get  ONE of my Highly Acclaimed Laying Systems (False-Favourites -R.R.P£26.99 or Race Specialist R.R.P. £26.99) for just £9

To qualify for the bonuses above – follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Take a free 2 day trial of BetBotPro from here. Once you’re satisfied, purchase the software from the link within your trial version.

Step 2:

Email us your purchase transaction ID (receipt) and we will send all the bonuses to YOU via email within within 24hrs.



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Jonathan Burgess is an official Betfair Accredited Trainer and racing columnist for various respected betting industry publications such as: Betting School, The Daily Punt and Betfair’s Education site. He also runs the Profitable – False Favourites Betting Tips Club Which cost just 24 pence a day. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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