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Probably The Best Punter’s Resource Online (HRB part 1)

The following  article has been submitted by David Peat – who is a racing research analyst and pro bettor. His horseprofiles service is very well respected within betting circles. I`m sure you`ll all agree,  if you want to be successful within any field you need to have acces to the tools the Pro`s use.  Horse Racing base is an incredible betting tool which can lead you to discover some of the most profitable angles when betting.

keep ahead of the crowd by becoming an informed punter

We all need information and good quality information leads to a better informed punter.  In the past it has been hard to find any sort of edge to keep ahead of the crowd but with HorseRaceBase you can access all the factors that can influence the outcome of any particular race.

In this series of articles I hope to show you that HorseRaceBase is a real Aladdin’s Cave that can help you on your way to making more informed choices without the need for hard work.

So what exactly is HorseRaceBase?

A website designed with the punter in mind that has numerous features to aid in the enjoyment and betting potential of the sport.  The database has records dating back as far as 1997 for both UK and Irish racing (that is over 1 million horse racing records) a lot of the tools available can not be found anywhere else on the web.

What makes HRB unique is that all the information is available through the web – there is no need to download software onto your own computer or pay for daily updates.

HRB and Form Study

In its basic form HRB allows you to access form by searching and navigating the records of a horse, jockey, trainer or stallion.  This can be done either from the daily race card or by using the quick search tool.

Those looking for more detailed research can use the profilers which breakdown a horses, trainers, jockeys or stallions into appropriate categories.

These are one of the most invaluable tools for staying ahead of the crowd as strengths and weaknesses can be seen at a quick glance.

For example for a horse you can see its profile by track, going, distance, weight, jockey, no of runners to name a few and to make it even easier the appropriate conditions are highlighted in yellow.

The Form Follower

This tool can be used to see how a race has worked out and is part of the results section of the site.  It shows in detail (number of runs, wins and places) for each horse since the completed race.  This allows the user to see at a glance if the form of the race is been franked or whether the winner has been over hyped.

Head to Head Analysis

This feature shows how each horse has performed against others in the same race and breaks it down by 3 time sections (All time, in the last year and in the last 90 days).

Collateral form tool

The feature allows the user to compare two horses that have competed against a third horse which is not running in the race.  This in theory should show how the horses may fare against each other.

Hot/Cold Races

Previously this type of study would take hours, however this can be done here with the press of a button.  The feature allows you to search for races that are producing winning and placed form or where the form is not working out.

I have taken you through the main form features of HorseRaceBase and next time I will discuss the System Building software.

HRB is a donation based site with the minimum donation been 7.50 euros per month, this minimum amount gives you access to all areas of the site, there are no hidden charges or upgrades to pay for.

Take a look and see for yourselves – at the moment you can gain access to the site – www.horseracebase.comFREE for 3 days and if you then feel that the site is for you – I have negotiated a deal with HRB offering readers two months for the price of one (all you have to do is enter the promotional code – TRENDY)

David Peat

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